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Proof and Geist Interactive are joining forces to unlock the full potential of the Claris FileMaker platform by providing an integrated suite of design and development services, hosting, tools, and products.

We design, build, and orchestrate systems for teams who want to do great things.

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At some point, every company looks to technology for answers. But tech alone is not enough. We believe the solution starts with people.

Dear Friends,

When I started my first software company two decades ago, I was coming from the world of education and trusted that our work could make a positive difference in individual lives. I hoped that with the right team and tools we could also catalyze larger transformations. Together, we believed that we could push the needle just a little bit in the right direction and make a dent in the universe.

Across the country at roughly the same time, Todd Geist was also transitioning from the world of academics — a research lab, in his case — to pursue the same bold idea. Over the past two decades, we kept running into each other. We have collaborated, exchanged ideas, and shared our triumphs and setbacks with each other. We have both wished that we could do more and make a bigger impact.

Today, we are excited to announce that we are joining forces. Proof Group, LLC and Geist Interactive, Inc. are coming together as Proof+Geist to unlock the full potential of the Claris Platform and beyond.

Why now? Society is undergoing tectonic shifts. The world needs big ideas and audacious teams to bring them to life. This pandemic has taught us that time is short, people are precious, and when there is a spark – when values, interests, and aspirations align – we ought to seize the moment to create a stronger sum of our parts.

We are deeply grateful to you — our friends, customers, and clients — who have helped us reach this point. We’re so excited that this merger will allow us to do even more together. As Proof+Geist, we’ll be a full-stack company that provides you with an integrated suite of design and development services, tools, hosting, and products.

We can’t wait to continue this next phase of the journey with you.

Ernest Koe

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The Proof+Geist team consists of full-stack, certified FileMaker developers who serve the Claris FileMaker community from indiviual developers to enterprise clients, and so much more.


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